300 Word Biography

300 Word Biography

Going through some boxes recently I came across this assignment from January 8, 2004 for ENGL 378, Career Writing.

Ben Yancer lives in Prescott Hall, room 307. His roommate is Justin Okimi, a Canadian. Despite their differences, Ben and Justin get along.

“Ben’s easy to live with,” says Justin. “Maybe it’s because he was born in Holland, Michigan. That’s pretty close to Canada. And his family lives in Maryland now. That’s close, …

Tuesdays Are Better than Mondays

I‘ve taken to perusing my old blog posts for song ideas. I figure, they’re my ideas, all typed and chronicled for me. So why not use them? In my searching, I’ve found some real gems. Not so much good for song ideas but definitely hilarious to read. Who knew I was so witty. I think the posts labeled “Conversation” and “Fantasy” are especially good. The dream about dressing up like a Ninja …