Thursday night, after 10, and we’re in the living room. Taleah’s folding her laundry. I’m editing old unpublished blog posts. (Might even post a few. Who knows?)

Taleah has just finished explaining why this particular pair of chonies is prone to give her a wedgie, and says with a smile, “You’re welcome for that information.”

She starts on the basket of towels at her feet. “I think this one is done,” she …

Deciphering The Tree of Life

Deciphering <i>The Tree of Life</i>

A few weeks ago my friend Michael and I saw Terrence Mallick’s The Tree of Life at the Ross.  Michael didn’t much care for it, whereas I was enamored.  Afterward we sat in Indigo Bridge for a while, eating dishes of Ivanna Cone ice cream, reading online reviews (mostly negative), and trying to figure it out.

The film was unlike anything I’d ever seen.  Gorgeous cinematography.  An overwhelming score.  Just the hint …