It’s possible that all the snow could melt before it (really) snows again. Possible, but I’m not holding onto the hope. I saw the sun yesterday for the first time in a week. It lasted all of ten seconds. The street in front of my house flashed bright and warm, almost yellow; I glimpsed it from the living room before the clouds pulled back together to close us in the gloom. No lingering. Just there and gone, like the sun had never been.

I’m now in week two of P90X. If you ask me why I’m doing it, I won’t have a good reason. I don’t know. Maybe I’m doing it because I wanted something to do, and so why not? Maybe it feels ambitious, and I could use some ambition in my life. Maybe I don’t believe it’s possible for me to get ripped, but I want to, so I’m seeing if I can prove myself wrong.

I feel energized…and sore. I can feel every muscle in my body working, when I stand up, or sit down, or raise my leg, or anything. Apparently I used to take all of these simple movements for granted. Never more.

Last week in review: Sunday was great; pull-ups and push-ups are awesome. Monday plyometrics nearly killed me. I was ruined the rest of the week from all the jumping and squatting. Tuesday I was exhausted and sore all day until the workout, then I was energized and in such a good mood. I don’t remember Wednesday. Thursday I nearly threw up afterward. Friday I didn’t have time to do the whole DVD. Overall, my appetite has increased tremendously. I’ve stopped eating desserts. I didn’t really decide to, it kind of just happened, but I’m not craving them as much, so that’s helping. (I had only one cookie all week, and that was a treat on Sabbath. I also gave up my favorite granola bars, the kind with all the corn syrup.) I’m noticing more tone in my chest and abs. I’m sleeping better. Enough reasons for me to stick with this program, even though it’s been hard and a huge time commitment. Who has time for an hour to an hour-and-a-half of exercise every day?

I had breakfast an hour ago, but I’m already famished.

It’s a sure sign I’m taking the reality of television too seriously when I go to The Week to check the latest headlines half expecting to see news of Kitty McAllister running for congress in California’s 54th.

Speaking of TV, do you watch Modern Family? Ben and Ashley got me hooked.

And I’m already counting down the days till spring break…(because winter break will be here and gone before you know it…)

The Possimpible

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I’m on week 2 also! That’s so funny that we both started P90X at the exact same time (assuming you started last Sunday). Hang in there.