9 to 5

On the drive to work this morning, Brandi Carlile’s The Story was spinning in the stereo. I love her music, though her lyrics often bring me down. Today was no exception.

As I turned onto Calvert, I heard a line in the song “Until I Die” that I’d never noticed before: “I have seen your nine to fives wash away your dreams.”

And because of who I am, and where I am …

Sing the Wondrous Love

I‘ve been fiddling in Garageband again lately. My enthusiasm has been renewed by music-minded friends. And just this morning I realized that though my WordPress blog is still not up and running, that doesn’t mean I can’t post mp3s in a fancy flash player here on Blogger. Because I can. (I’d been waiting, you see. But I shall wait no longer.)

This is a song I wrote for . . . See, …