I‘ve spent much of the evening holed up in the basement because of the severe weather warnings in Lincoln. First the thunderstorm warnings, then the tornado warnings, and now the flash flood warnings. The sirens have sounded at least three times. It’s nice and cozy down here, cool because of the underground and because of the silver commercial grade fan that my dad bought (because he believed commercial grade fans were the way to go), and cozy watching many, many episodes of Mad About You from tudou.com, which is the Chinese equivalent to youtube.com, and which apparently is much more lenient when it comes to copyright infringement, either that or the authorities haven’t caught onto it yet, because seriously, like all the seasons are on there.

For about a week now, maybe a week and a half, the basement has had a strange mildewy smell. But for the life of me I couldn’t find anything wet or leaking or rotting. Nothing. The smell also didn’t seem to have a source. It just was. Everywhere.

For a moment I thought perhaps the smell was coming from the ceiling, because I’d slid aside one of the ceiling tiles so that I can do my yoga stretches and reach my arms and fingers all the way up as high as they go without the ceiling getting in the way. But no, I checked, not the ceiling.

Then yesterday I was putting in some laundry and I noticed that the white extension cord wasn’t plugged in behind the washer anymore; instead it was hanging limp. And then I knew where the smell was coming from: the deep freezer.

What’s worse is that this has happened before. I ruined a whole bunch of veggie meat that Ashley’s mom had brought for her because I accidentally unplugged the freezer. And believe me, after that experience, after throwing away pounds and pounds of food including a fabric cooler covered in mold, and scrubbing and cleaning and cursing, I learned my lesson.

So I can’t figure out how this happened again. I did not unplug the freezer. I swear. I promise. I did not do it.

Who did? Please, please, please show yourself. Come forward. I won’t be mad. I just need to know.

So I also spent much of this evening cleaning out the deep freeze here in the basement. And by “cleaning out” I mean loading up three large black trash bags full of moldy food. All food that I did not put in the freezer, may I point out. There were dozens of loaves of bread from Katie. And who knows what from Kerri’s family when they moved away (and now certainly wasn’t the best time to try to figure out what the food used to be). And once all the larger chunks had been lifted out, there were many, many inches of brown liquid. It was all I could do not to vomit as I squeegee mopped the stuff into a bucket. And I thought of Leslie and I imagined her working as a nurse and all the vile things she’s had to clean up and how she’s never actually vomited, just dry heaved, and it helped me push through.

This post has certainly taken an interesting turn.

Because, really, what I wanted to tell you about was this: I have no body pain. Zero. My back and my neck do not ache. At all. And it’s so much better than the relief from pain I felt last summer when I went to the chiropractor. And it’s all been made possible by my Wii Fit. Seriously, I’m not kidding. The yoga and strength exercises are awesome. My posture has never been better. My lower back and legs have never been stronger, and they’re supporting me like never before.

Now that we’ve had that word from our sponsor, it’s back to watching Mad About You.

Oh, meant to say though: I’ve decided not to turn the freezer back on and to never keep any food in it again, or at least not until there’s a dire need to freeze large quantities of food and a better way to ensure its safe and steady operation.


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I probably would have just given up and had Michael haul the whole thing out. That’s disgusting. You’re very brave. I’m glad you made it through the tornadoes.


Did the power go out at some point? Is your freezer still operational? This is a conundrum.


Man, your Wii-fit mini ad was totally convincing! I kind of wanted to go buy one, even though I don’t even own a TV.

Also, not running a freezer you don’t seem to really need seems like a good idea–I’m sure it saves a lot of electricity.


I’m sorry about my bread! I seriously have been meaning almost every day to stop by and get a bunch of it. You know, now that I’m eating semi-regularly again. Guess we don’t have to worry about it anymore… I am sorry though!

potato and tomato

This post was awesome! Thanks for thinking of me even if it was because you were going to vomit. I loved the line that your legs are “and they’re supporting me like never before.” For some reason that makes me chuckle. Anyhoo. Are you still planning on coming down next weekend??? Please!