Sun-Kissed Ben

Sun-Kissed Ben

This is gonna be quick.

Everyone keeps asking me (or just a handful of people) to post a picture of my hair. So here you go. When I was in Florida I mentioned to Shelli that I’d never had my hair colored before, and one thing led to another and before you knew it Justin and I were in the kitchen with dye in our hair, watching the clock till we could …

Psalm 37 (Man of Peace)

I once was young but now am old
For I have seen good people suffer
And hungry children beg for bread on the streets
While we are fed

Consider the blameless
Observe what is right
There’s a future for the man of peace.

We draw the sword and bend the bow
We aim our automatic weapons
And whether horse or tank has carried us here
We push the poor a little lower…