Not in Your League

I wish it was more like in bowling,
so I could join the team.
We’d play every Sunday,
and that hour with you beside me would be
the best time of my week.
And even when I hit nothing but the gutter,
you’d still be there
to give me a high five and remind me
there will be more strikes and spares.
I said, oh I wish it may, I wish it …

Truth Be Told

Tonight I was thinking about the holidays and the new year, and I wondered what my new year’s resolution should be for next year. In 2007, I had two. I flossed and rinsed my teeth with ACT every night, and I was decidedly peaceful (or happy or healthy or joyful, whatever you want to call it, mentally, socially, whatever, I never really put a word or name to it, just a state …