I‘m drinking grapefruit juice from a Bernardin mason jar at my desk because I didn’t have time to eat breakfast.

Yesterday I learned that grapefruit juice has killed people. An enzyme in grapefruit juice can block the liver from breaking down certain medications—drugs which treat common health problems such as allergies, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cancer, depression, and pain. This blockage in the liver can lead to muscle breakdown, organ failure, and ultimate death.

I drink grapefruit juice nearly every day.

So I’ve stopped taking my daily multi-vitamin. I figure, it’s not worth the risk.

How to Save a Life

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Carissa J

Hey, you can’t be too safe.


I love grapefruit juice. I started drinking it fresh squeezed recently, and it’s waaaay better than the bottled stuff. I think this just proves my theory that medicine is bad for you . . .


Huh. That’s frightening. (However, I don’t take medicine much and I don’t drink grapefruit juice much. So I guess this doesn’t affect me much.)


so much for a new post this morning. see what happens when i depend on you to be funny? you’re droppin’ the ball, yancer. 😉


So where is it?


and still nothing.

like with government, there should be a balance of power here. some checks and balances. like, i don’t vacuum your office unless you post your funny… uh… thing. whatever it is. or i won’t bring you coffee or fuzes. or i’ll never make cookies again.