My One-A-Day Men’s Health Formula Multivitamins came in the mail yesterday.

I ordered them from to save my life (and because I get 7% cash back when I shop there with my Citi Dividend Platinum Select card). With the way I feed myself, who knows how many essential vitamins and minerals I’ve been depriving my body for the past six years.

The instructions said to “take once, daily, with food.”

This morning I took my pill with a swallow of water and then ate half a cookie.

Somehow I doubt this is what the One-A-Day people meant.

Health Conscious

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Only half a cookie?


yeah why not have it with cookie and icecream…i posted a hint, oh frustrated one


You make me laugh.

I’m just full of surprises, aren’t I?


Did you know that excess vitamin B2, like in taking a multi-vitamin will turn your urine fluorescent yellow! Now we all know just a little more about you.
Did you go through Union’s back parking lot and make some donuts of your own on the way home?