I wish we had something sweet!” says Emily.

“Have a spoonful of sugar,” says Leslie. She smiles her little smile that means she doesn’t really mean it as she takes a bite of her bowl of raisin bran.

Emily pauses, then starts to giggle with embarrassment. Finally she blurts out, “I did!”

And then Leslie nearly spits her cereal back into her bowl.

“Hey,” Emily says, trying to redeem herself, “it’s better than eating a spoonful of butter. When I was a kid I used to eat margarine out of the tub!”

Meanwhile, I mentally begin writing down everything they’d said as I reach for my laptop.

Once it’s all safely captured, I ask Leslie, “What should I title the blog?”

She picks up her empty bowl and carries it into the kitchen. “You’re a poo head,” she says.

“It’s about you.”

Suddenly Leslie is very interested. “Let me read it!” she squeals. She scurries back into the living room and sits right beside me on the couch.

After she finishes reading, she’s not happy. “That’s only half about me,” she says.

Only Half about Leslie

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oh, how i miss the dictation episodes. i used to talk to leslie in these things. i like reading about emily though. those yancers and their sweet teeth. i used to eat clumps of brown sugar. i changed to the raw sugar cubes when i lived in lincoln. they have them at the mill. they’re yummy.

can i come over and hang out when i get back in january? you guys are fun. i miss you.

Hey, you forgot to mention that it was brown sugar! That makes it better, I think. Even Leslie said so! Also, I must agree with Leslie… you’re a poo-head. I had no idea you blogged this! Katie was a witness to my moment of indignation. This is the punishment I get for multi-tasking during class. Angela!! You must come back soon (and stay while you’re at it)! That way, I will be able to see you, talk to you, and among many other things, have Ben write about you and Leslie again, instead of me. Or even better, we can… Read more »

When I’m tired and grumpy and dreading the day, the Leslie/Ben/Emily combination is the only thing that can make me laugh. Even when I’m not actually there.

Well that and when Veronica Mars tazer-ed someone in episode 216. For some reason, that made me laugh endlessly.

Emily was filled with indignation when she read this post. She asked me what her reaction had been. It was indignant. She was supposed to comment that, but she didn’t.


okay apparently she was STILL commenting that by the time I got back from class and it hadn’t shown up yet.


I love you guys! *sigh*


i love sissel and it makes me smile to think of you reading this! luvs


emily! i like reading about you, just fine. but ganging up on ben does sound fun. we can all sit about with our laptops and write every word he says. brilliant idea.