Attention Everyone I Know

Attention Everyone I Know

There has been a water bottle lying on the floor in the backseat of my car for going on a month and then some. It is exactly the same as Ben Barber’s small Eddie Bauer water bottle, except that it’s fluorescently yellow and it does not belong to Ben Barber. His is blue. If this water bottle knows you intimately, or if you know someone else who it might know so, please …

Only Half about Leslie

“I wish we had something sweet!” says Emily.

“Have a spoonful of sugar,” says Leslie. She smiles her little smile that means she doesn’t really mean it as she takes a bite of her bowl of raisin bran.

Emily pauses, then starts to giggle with embarrassment. Finally she blurts out, “I did!”

And then Leslie nearly spits her cereal back into her bowl.

“Hey,” Emily says, trying to redeem herself, “it’s better …