Leslie: He’s typing everything we say.

Ben: I’m practicing my journalism skills.

Leslie: I’m gonna say something dirty.

(Insert dirty thing that Leslie would’ve said but did not, followed by much laughter)

Leslie: Put that in your blog, Yancer.

Ben: I spelled it “But that in your blog” instead of “Put.”

Angela and Leslie: (hysterical laughter)

Angela: That is dirty.

Ben: What?

Angela: You said “Put that in your butt.”

Ben: No, I didn’t.

Angela and Leslie (crying and laughing): Yes, you did.

Ben (insistent): No, I didn’t.

Angela and Leslie (more crying and laughing): Yes, you did.

Ben: What would you put in your butt?

Leslie: I don’t know. Whatever dirty I was gonna say. Put that in your butt and smoke it.

Ben: Put that in your butt and smoke it.

Leslie: I’m so gonna start saying that now. That’s gonna be my quote on MySpace.

Ben: I guess that’s slightly better than your other one.

Angela: What was your other one?

Ben: Life’s a bitch . . .

Leslie: And then you die.

(We stop conversing to relive the conversation and argue over who actually said what)

Leslie: Nobody’s going to believe that I didn’t say anything dirty. (mimicking Justin) “She did, but he just didn’t write it down.” I have a reputation, you know.

Ben: (typing)

Leslie: Stop. Now I feel like I’m just performing for you. You and your dirty blog.

Angela: Yeah, that can be the title. “You and Your Dirty Blog.”

Leslie: Or at the end you could put “Journalism skills, my ass.”

You and Your Dirty Blog

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Oh, how I miss Leslie. Does she really have a myspace? I thought that would invade on her privacy too much. You know, since she won’t even put her real name when she comments on other people’s blogs.


That’s okay. I sing a lot of words to a lot of different songs. Michael thinks I’m sacreligious. I don’t. I think God likes it when I make fun of “sacred” songs. I think he laughs. Okay, maybe he doesn’t, but He’ll probably forgive me.

Also my word verification is sspspirm. Weird.


The dialogue format is great. It made me laugh.