C’est la Vie

Kayla and I drove up to Omaha this evening to pick up Angela Barber from the airport. She was scheduled to arrive at 5:12 p.m., so Kayla came over to my house when she got off work at 4, and we left promptly.

The trouble didn’t begin until we arrived at the airport and realized that the only information we had about Angela’s flight was the time of arrival: 5:12.

“I assumed …

Up with the Low Down

I just ate a 6 oz. Stoneyfield Farm All Natural Fat Free Fruit on the Bottom Yogurt. (They’re my new favorite. Laura got me hooked.) I thought it was raspberry. Wasn’t till the third to last bite that I realized that the large, red bumpy fruit on my spoon was perhaps a bit too large and bumpy to be a raspberry and maybe it was something else, like, hmm, a strawberry?

Sure …