Reasons to Be Well

I cleaned my amazing Powerbook (the keys, screen, touchpad, palm resty area) for the first time ever.

Angela e-mailed me from Kentucky this morning.

Michael e-mailed me from Kentucky on Friday.

I ate a grapefruit (minus all white filmy parts) for breakfast.

Leslie and I played tennis yesterday (my first game in many, many months).

Kristina will forgive me when she discovers I’ve accomplished very little of the task she assigned me …

Vision Quest

I was walking in the middle of a crowd of people.

To the left, another crowd approached. And then they were passing through us, weaving between us.

As they passed, someone placed a letter in my hands.

And then it was the next day, and I was walking in the same crowd.

And again, a crowd approached from the left and passed through us.

This time, when the person placed the letter …