The swarm of bunnies hasn’t flown south for the winter. They’re still alive and well, and I know because they had a party in the backyard last night.

This morning on my walk from the side door of the house to the side door of the garage, I noticed their tiny prints down the driveway, spritely loop-the-looping under and around Justin’s car, towards the backyard gate.

I imagine a single-file column of bunnies queued there at the gate ’round 1 a.m., waiting to get into the most happenin’ party on the block. Through the fence they can catch glimpses of other bunnies, the lucky bunnies, on the dance floor inside. (The snow in our backyard is covered with the evidence of their fancy footwork, the remnants of the foxtrot, conga, limbo, hokey pokey, and rumba.)

Every bunny who’s any bunny is there.

The red carpet rolls out, and the uppity and elite bunnies make their way to the front of the line, where the bouncer bunny lets them through straight away. Two nervous teenage bunnies clutch tiny fake IDs, hoping no one will realize that they couldn’t possibly be 103-year-old Peter Rabbit and 101-year-old Benjamin Bunny. Three ill-disguised squirrels in bunny costumes nonchalantly try to blend in. Four twenty-something hopefuls bribe and barter their way in with carrots and cabbage. They want to meet a few bigshots and make a name for themselves in the great big bunny world, and they know that this party, this night, holds the utmost of possibilities.

The Party

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It’s incomplete! Did “Peter and Benjamin” find themselves forcibly removed? Were the squirrels exposed? What came of all the endless possibilities?

You’re brilliant, by the way. I think my roommate actually DIED laughing.

Special K

“swarm” is a distrubing word for “bunnies” Although, I suppose if they are going to fly, they might as well swarm…still, it brings to mind Monty Python, and that murderous rabbit that killed people. yikes.


This story is beautiful.


Once again you have made my day with your very entertaining story. You are a joy!


what about flopsy, mopsy, and cottontail? i guess they weren’t on the list


oh, what about the chocolate bunny from vegetales? was he there too?

Special K

i seem to be in the extreme minority here. maybe it’s not so much that the story is disturbing, but just that I am disturbed in general.