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u have a nice blog here! How did you do the video thingie ?


Which pluggin do I need to watch your video? I just installed the new firefox so maybe I need to reinstall the plugins.


So disappointed the video didn’t show up on my computer. I heard the voices but no picture.

Ben, I lied! The computer at work does have speakers after all. It let me watch your video, and I could hear it. Emily Sue Yancer: Where are you? What happened to our deviously sneaky (and yet oh so magnificent) plan to write to each other on Ben’s blog? In case I haven’t mentioned it lately, thanks a million for telling me to take this job. I really like it (don’t get a big head, Ben) and I was thinking that while I was vacuuming of all things, not just while I’m blogging. And I hate vacuuming, so that’s saying… Read more »

It’s fun watching the collision frame by frame.


This video is nearly the most painful thing in the world for me to watch. Mom, i’m glad that the video wasn’t working for you. I’m praying for that to continue and for that illness to be inflicted on everyone’s computers.

I saw justin watching this last night and was reminded how horrible it is.

Ashley, i’m sorry again. Thanks for still loving me.

Carissa J

Last night Tim and I tried to view the video and it didn’t work, even on the link you included, maybe because we were using Opera? But anyway, this morning I’m in the library and I could see it just fine using Safari. I couldn’t get my headphones plugged in, though, so I felt a little conspicuous leaning close to the speakers as to not disturb the others with any loud noise. :) I think you should do more videos. Was this taken with your digital camera?


No luck with the video for me. (Sadness)


Thanks for the link. It worked for me so it’s not firefox. I don’t know why it doesn’t work here.


Firefox told me I needed to download a plugin, too, which didn’t work. But the link worked. Yay!