The word “blog” is popping up all over my life. (The first time I wrote that sentence, the second “p” in popping was accidently an “o.” Changed the meaning quite a lot, I’d say.)

This morning, around 10:45, my phone rang.

“Good morning; Teaching Learning Center; this is Ben.”

“Hey Ben. It’s Elliot.”


Only then did I look up and see him sitting at the receptionist desk looking directly at me.…

White Board

White Board

When John moved away he sold me the white board that hung on the wall of his kitchen. Well, sold is too strong a word. Really, he traded it with me for a meal at Thai House.

Now the white board hangs on the wall in my kitchen.

It reminds me of fun times with John. I remember playing Win, Lose, or Draw on it during the summer. I remember the night …