I Didn’t Even Get to Say Goodbye

Ignorance really is bliss.

Apparently one of my favorite bands has broken up. And has been broken up for a while now.

I went to Eastmountainsouth‘s website today to find out when their sophomore album was going to release, ’cause it’s been a year or more since I’ve heard anything about what they’ve been up to. Surely their second album should be coming out any day now. But when I got to …

Me and the Comment Spam Robots

I announced my blog to the world last night. Okay, not so much the world as much as 23 people. But that’s a lot of people to invite to something like this blog, which up to now has been pretty sparse ‘cept for me and the comment spam robots.

Then late last night, long after I’d gone to bed, (after 11, at the least), Laura e-mailed me and asked to post a …