I’ve heard it countless times since September 11, 2001. I’ve seen it on TV. I’ve read it in the newspapers. Confused people questioning God in the midst of this tragedy, not understanding why it happened, and, more often than not, believing that he was the cause of it. The events of that day have left citizens across the nation taking a closer look at what they believe and why. A reexamination of their lives in an attempt to control their undeniable fear of what may be coming next for the United States.

Yet while the rest of our country is desperately searching for answers, I find myself without any new questions. Though the news from New York City, Washington, D. C., and Pennsylvania shocked me, my faith was not shaken. God did not cause this horror. He didn’t stop it, but He’s still in control. Therefore, nothing has changed for me. I’m not asking God why this has happened. I’m not doubting what I believe. My God does not change, and so nothing on this earth can change my faith in Him. I can continue living my life with the same faith and joy as always, regardless of everything else.

Our country is now entering times such as I’ve never experienced before, but still I do not fear. I know that’s easy to say without any action to back it up, but it’s the honest truth. It surprised even me at first. As I think of these events, I feel pain, sorrow, horror, anger, … but there’s no fear. Even when my mind tries to fathom the unimaginable events that will still occur before the Lord returns, I know that God will be there in the middle of it all. We have nothing to fear.

Nothing to Fear

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