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About Ben Yancer, Inc.

This is Ben Yancer’s creative journal, his place to think aloud, tell true stories, share original music, and capture the details of daily life. Topics often covered here include writing, music, spirituality, indoor gardening, technology, and other gadgetry.

It’s a fun place to frequent. Many friends and family keep up with Ben here. You’re welcome to visit often and share in the conversation.

About Ben

Ben Yancer is a writer, composer, musician, graphic designer, and sometimes creative genius. He lives in Brooklyn, New York, with his husband Zack and their 38 house plants.

Ben graduated from Union College in 2005 with a BA in English, emphasis in writing and speaking, minors in communication and religion. He worked from 2005 to 2011 as Office Coordinator for the Teaching Learning Center, Union’s disability services and academic support office, where he oversaw day-to-day operations and helped provide academic accommodations for students with disabilities, and from 2012 to 2013 as an Academic Coach, which he declares to be the best job ever.

Ben’s passion is music. He began playing the cello at age 9 when a strings class was offered to the 4th graders at Norman Rockwell Elementary. His family had recently rented the film Electric Dreams, and despite the bad 80s synthesizer soundtrack and the quirky plot (it involved a love triangle between a man, a woman who played the cello, and a home computer), the film sparked a curiosity in him. He went on to play cello in his school orchestra from grade school through college. He has studied under Julia Tanner, the assistant principal cellist of the Nashville Symphony, and Diana Frazier, member of the New Music Agency.

These days Ben’s main musical outlet is the piano. It’s hard to pinpoint how long he’s played. His parents bought one just after they were married, though neither of them knew how to play, so there was always a piano in the house to tinker on as Ben was growing up. When he was 14 or 15 his sister started taking lessons from a woman from their church named Mrs. Candy, and it was about this time that Ben started spending more time at the piano himself. Rather than try to read music he would make up his own songs. Those early compositions were nothing spectacular, but he stuck with it.

Which brings us to today. Ben’s written a few dozen songs, and slowly he has begun to share them with those who will listen.

Site Design

This is the seventh version of Ben Yancer, Inc., as far as Ben can remember. The underlying HTML and CSS is the “Spacious” Wordpress theme template designed by ThemeGrill. During the redesigning process (which took forever), much of the original code was changed, deleted, rearranged, and added to such that, at this point, Ben has little clue where it all came from; he just knows that it works the way he needs it to (most of the time).

All of Ben’s knowledge of HTML and CSS has either come second hand (Thanks Ben Barber) or as result of hours of trial and error. Consequently, it’s highly likely that this site does not run as smoothly as it should (especially if you’re viewing it in Internet Explorer). Ben supports Web Standards and Validated XHTML and CSS; he’s just not skilled enough to make those realities here, and he’s too stubborn to pay someone else to do a job he can do well enough on his own. Hence why he cuts his own hair using a Flowbee, as did his father before him.


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